What we do

Frontend Optimization

Frontend Optimization

At Dartspeed.com we want to make the internet as fast as possible, so we believe in our Main Goal: “Every website in the world, loading in less than a second, regardless of device or type of network".

Our goal, drive us to help people to make their websites faster, reduce their time invested in optimizations and always get the best practices applied to their website.

We also believe that performance optimizations should not be a separated work that each developer and website owner should do by their self. Performance should be a default feature in every server and website in the world. We want to make it real! 

Our Team

Jose Nobile

Jose Nobile

CEO & co-founder
Julian Lamprea

Julian Lamprea

CTO & co-founder
Paula Tellez

Paula Tellez

Marketing Manager
Silvia Ruiz

Silvia Ruiz

UX/UI Designer

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Technologies we love!

We like to use the best technologies to offer you the most reliable platform to accelerate your website

High Availability Stack


Robust Infrastructure

Google Cloud
IBM Cloud

Top Notch Platforms

Redis HA